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On-Call Technicians Wanted


Have you ever been in front of an espresso machine on a Saturday night, scratching your head without available technical assistance? Then you know how valuable it is to have someone to turn to. Starting next week-end , we would like to help provide service technicians a resource if  they find themselves in need of assistance during after-hours.  Here is how our program works:

The Espresso Service Network will post a list of technicians who have agreed to be availabe to assist other professionally employed service technicians that are in need of  guidance and troubleshooting support. An updated list of accessible technicians will be available each week by Friday afternoon 2 PM PT. 


For Technical and Troubleshooting Assistance

From Friday to Sunday evening, if you are a commercial espresso service technician, find yourself in need of advice or technical support and would like to speak with an experienced colleague, take these steps to find assistance.

  1. Follow this link  (You’ll need to login. This service is for professional service technicians only)
  2. View available technicians and select the one best suited for your needs.
  3. Use the contact information they provide to get in touch.
  4. Give them your name, company information. and phone number.
  5. Track the time the technician assists you.
  6. Make payment arrangements and pay your consulting technician's business for the agreed amount of time.


On-Call Technicians

Each week by Thursday evening, If you are an experienced, senior, in field commercial espresso service technician willing to be on-call at anytime during the next week-end, email the following information to

  1. Your Consulting Hourly Rate 
  2. Dates and times Available. Be sure to note your time zone.  (PT-MT-CT-ET) 
  3. A brief biography and specialization
  4. Full Name
  5. Company
  6. Contact Phone #
  7. Phone or Meeting Applications (ie. Samsung, Facetime, Zoom)


Additional Details

There are tax implications when paying anyone for services. Remember to consult with your tax advisor for best practices.  

Lastly, if you appreciate a technician's assistance, remember to pay prompltly and consider writing them a review on their company's Espresso Service Directory profile page.



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