Solenoid Valves in Espresso Machines

Many manufacturers incorporate solenoid valves into their equipment. Manufacturers will use solenoid valves for your hot water, steaming, and brewing. The wonderful thing about electro valves is they require less maintenance so for the first few years of equipment ownership, you should spend less money caring for your equipment. Unfortunately, electro valves are expensive and can run anywhere from one hundred to three-hundred dollars. 

Solenoid valves should be replaced when they are still functioning to avoid expensive emergency repair service and to avoid causing an equipment owner to send customers to their competitors. Some of these valves can be rebuilt but for others your service provider will need to make an educated guess on when to replace them before they fail. The goal for your service technician is not to replace them prematurely. The more history your service provider has with working with a specific type of valve will decrease your chance of equipment failure and overpaying for maintenance. 

The Espresso Service Network partners with service companies to help reduce the cost of technician education for service companies and equipment maintenance for equiipment owners.  If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We would enjoy hearing from you. 

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