Aurelia Wave

Ensure Longevity 

With your purchase you will receive a complimentary preventative maintenance. This is just one way we can help preserve the operating life of your equipment.

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Select a Model
2 Group Semi-Automatic (S) $9,450
3 Group Semi-Automatic (S) $11,025
2 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) $12,015
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) $14,310


  • Digital display for simple setting adjustments (Volumetric Only)        
  • Optional Easy-Cream steam wand allows for precise temperature control and automatically delivers a dense and velvety milk texture (Volumetric Only)
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Are you looking for a sturdy, well built espresso machine? The biggest complaint businesses have about economical espresso equipment is that it quickly begins to fall apart. The Aurelia Wave by Nuova Simonelli is a machine that uses quality metals and plastics to provide business owners with a machine that is durable and longer lasting. The Aurelia Wave is available in three machine models. They are the Aurelia Wave, Aurelia Wave Digit and Aurelia Wave T3. The Aurelia Wave shown here is the foundation machine designed for medium to high volume coffee shops and drive-thrus. Available in volumetric (VD) or semi-automatic dosing. With either operating style you’ll enjoy an espresso machine that at its core has the strength to deliver quality beverages on a high volume scale. The secret to the Aurelia Wave lies in its comprehensive design and the quality of metals used in the group head. The 2 group weighs in at 195 lbs! Nuova Simonelli placed focus on lowering energy consumption also making the Aureia Wave ecologically responsible. Learn more about the features the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave offers on the next tab.

The Basics

Group Height Tall/Raised Height - All Models
Color Options Black, Red, White, Custom Color
Models Aurelia Wave, Aurelia Wave Digit, Aurelia Wave T3
Dosing Operation Semi-Automatic or Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard, Autosteam, Temp. Control Gooseneck,
or Easy-Cream | Push/Pull Lever
Receptacle Nema L6-30 Twist

*AutoSteam wands come standard with button actuation. Push/pull levers are replaced with a Celsius or Fahrenheit temp display above each autosteam wand (Aurelia Wave Digit and Aurelia Wave T3 Models only)



  • Barista Lighting: A lighted deck for a clear and very important view of product quality. A great feature for darker atmospheres and it also creates a nice ambience. 

  • Cleaning Program: Easily clean your Aurelia Wave with a two step process. Select the washing button and then individually activate each group. Once cleaned, remove port-a-filters and again active each group to rinse. The Aurelia Wave V and Digit models offer individual group cleaning which  allows you to brew with one group while cleaning another. 
  • Display (Volumetric Dosing Only) The digital display offers additional programming features and easier functionality. Displays Shot times and steam temperatures if you have autosteamwands. Touchscreen available on the Aurelia Wave Digit and Aurelia Wave T3
  • Hot Water Wand Temperature Adjustment: Set your wands temperature. A great tool for serving Americanos or a specific type of tea at just the right temperature. This is a manual adjustment. Multiple temperatures are available on the Aurelia Wave T3.
  • Hot Water Wand Volume Adjustment: Enjoy three buttons, each programmable to dose the individual amounts you set. Offered on both the semi-automatic and volumetric dosing models.
  • On/Off Program (Volumetric Dosing Only) Program your Aurelia Wave espresso machine to shut off and cycle back on at specific times. For example, set your machine to turn off one hour after closing and have it turn back on  to reheat before opening. Typically, it will take about sixty minutes (60) for your groups to become hot enough to begin using. The benefit to shutting  your espresso machine off is that it expands the life of your machine's internal gaskets and o-rings which are  made of material such as rubber. Over time, the heating and reheating of your machine causes these parts to dry and crack which can cause steam and water leaks and a need for earlier maintenance.
  • Perform Maintenance Prompt: Displays maintenance due. It is easy to lose track of time. Whether you are on a quarterly, semi-annual or yearly preventative maintenance schedule, set a future date and your Aurelia Wave will display "Maintenance due".  Are you serving at higher volumes? You can also have your machine trigger after so many cycles. (Not available on Semi-Automatic model)
  • Power Save Mode
  • Pre-Infusion Programming (Passive)
  • Soft infusion system (SIS): Soft Infusion System addresses a common concern for espresso businesses. Water hitting coffee grounds at full pressure can act like a drill creating  holes through the coffee bed. These channels will create an uneven coffee saturation which will effect your brewing time and the taste of your coffee. The purpose of the SIS is to postpone water at high pressure from initially being introduced to the coffee grounds. The Soft Infusion Systiem is made up of a chamber inside the Appia Life's brew group which is placed before the shower screen. When you begin to brew, the water enters the chamber first, which dramatically reduces the force of the water down to just a gentle wetting on the the gounds bed. This wetting prepares the grounds before normal brewing pressure. Only once the chamber fills,  will the machine operate at full pressure.(appoximately 9 Bar).  By slowly introducing water to the coffee bed, this also allows the water to evenly saturate your coffee, correcting any fissures or air pockets caused by uneven tamping. SIS provides you peace of mind over quality and product consistency, no matter who operates your machine. 
  • Shot Timer: A tool necessary for baristas to maintain quality. The Shot timer is usually one of the main reasons people purchase espresso machines with difgital displays. The Aurelia Wave offers this informatin on the main display. (Volumetric and Digit Models) 
  • USB Port: Feature used by technicians for software updates necessary for repairs and to  transfer settings and parameters to multiple machines.

Steam Wand Selection

  • Cool Touch Gooseneck is a manual wand which comes standard on all Nuova Simonelli espresso machines. 
  • Auto-Steam wand is designed with a straight configuration, economically priced and heats to the temperature you program. The Automatic Steam wand is a good choice if you plan to work with larger steam pitchers. Two temperatures settings per wand.
  •  Goose Neck Automatic Steam Wand is the manual Cool Touch steam wand with a curved temperature probe making this automatic wand easier to maneuver when creating foam. Program your temperature and your Goose Neck will automatically shut off when reached. Two temperatures settings per wand.
  • Easy Cream Steam Wand (Volumetric Dosing) Allows you to program for both foam texture as well as desired temperature. The Easy Cream does all the work for you. This all-in-one steam wand is a great choice for those wishing to simplify the drink preparation process freeing hands for other activities. Two temperature and two frothing settings per wand.




Aurelia Wave Brochure


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group 32" 24" 22" 195lb 4700W 208-240V 14L
3 Group 41" 24" 22" 235lb 5400W 208-240V 17L

Preventative Maintenance


Group Gaskets

Screens as needed


Rebuild Steam Valves

Replace Vacuum Valve

Replace Group orings

Technician inspection


Every 2 Years+

Replace/Rebuild Brew Valve

Replace/Rebuild Cold Mix Valve

Replace/Rebuild Hot Water Valve

Replace Fill Probe

Replace Pressure Switch (V or S Models not Digit or T3)

+Not all valves are rebuildable. Rebuild vs replace will depend on the age of your machine and the type of valve you have.

Every 3-5 Years*

Replace Expansion Valve

Replace Inlet Valve

Replace Safety Pressure Relief Valve

Replace Pump

Replace Motor Capacitor

Replace Check Valves

*Every 5 years for 400 drinks or less.





Nuova Simonelli espresso machines come standard with a 2 year manufacturer warranty (Part and Material). Extended warranties on  labor, travel, preventative maintenance and part service will vary. Contact us for warranty options and pricing.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends on your water and quantity of drinks being made. 

Complimentary Preventative Maintenance

Most of our Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machines include a complimentary preventative maintenance. We perform this comprehensive maintenance right before your labor and travel warranty expire. It is a great opportunity to return your equipment back to like working new condition. It also provides us with an important opportunity to explore the interior of your equipment to determine if there may be a defect or possible component failure that has gone undetected. If anything is found, those things can be repaired complimentary while your machine is still under warranty.

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