Demtruk 2.0


We offer discounts for espresso industry professionals. Contact us at for current pricing.

Step 1:
Select a Model
Roll Off Platform Top Only $370
Base Only $555
Demtruk 2.0 Cart (complete) $925
  • Reduces the Risk of Inury

  • Helpful Tool for One Technician Equipment Installation

  • Slip Free Deck for Moving Equipment Securely

  • Deluxe Top Holds 3 Group or Larger Espresso Machines

Step 2:
Select Your Options


Whether you are a coffee supplier, service technician or a business providing office solution products, Demtruk is perfect for making the transfer of equipment, parts or product convenient, while reducing the risk of injury. The platform is stable with a slip-free ribbed, rubber pad for easy and safe movement of heavy and multiple items. Unlike traditional carts that consume space in delivery and service vehicles. Demtruk bases collapse for convenient storage when not in use. Demtruk provides a height adjustable platform that glides off the cart's base so there is no need to transfer heavy equipment multiple times. For service technicians, use Demtruk’s platform as a movable work bench. Receive, repair, and return equipment without transferring from cart to bench and back again. Demtruk simplifies the transfer of multiple and heavy items. You can load, transfer, and unload easily avoiding unnecessary lifting. The heavy duty base Lifts to a height of 37".   Whether you choose the Standard or Deluxe size, you also receive an additional 6” extension to use when moving larger or more items. 

The Basics

Select the base that best fits your weight bearing needs. Next, choose the  your platform top size . For espresso service providers, we recommend the heavy duty base with the deluxe (large) top for the transfer of 3 and 4 group espresso machines.  

Models     Max.  Load Capacity
Lite Duty Base KE448     330 lbs
Heavy Duty Base KE450     480 lbs



  • 2 Load Straps:  Your Demtruk includes large straps to secure product and equipment to your platform. 
  • Door Glide Protectors: These detachable front rollers are used to create a buffer between the Demtruk and any door ways. 
  • Platform Extension: The Platform Extension adds 5.9" to the length of your platform. You'll appreciate this extra room when moving larger loads. Detaches for easy storage. 
  • Platform Security Lock: Locking mechanism ensures that the platform is securely fastened to the base. Easy to unlock for unloading.
  • Stair Climber Handles:  Two additional handles can be used by an extra person to help carry the Demtuk platform up stairs.. Make note of the weight of your Demtuk platform. Larger heavier Demtruk platforms are more difficult to carry with loads that are also weightier.
  • Storage Bag for Base: This duffle like zip-up bag safely stores your Demtruk base. While traveling, securing your base protects it from damage and  prevents its movement, protecting other items as well.
  • Lower Base Shelf: From a tool bag, water softener or miscellaneous parts, you'll appreciate this convenient lower shelf carrying the extras and saving you from a second trip back to your service vehicle.  
  • Wheels: 
  • Collapsible Base Unit: Perfect for storing your base. Takes up less room.
  • Pre-adjustable Load Height

    Lite Base: Low: 27" | Hig:h 36.5"
    Heavy Duty Base: Low 27.5″  | High 37″

  • Front and Rear Locking Wheels. Easy step down locking mechanisms. 


Heavy Duty Base

Compatible Roll-Off Platform Tops

  • Deluxe Roll-Off Platform Top –  Model: KE471  
  • Small (Standard) Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE470
  • Slim Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE469
  • Super Slim Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE468

Lite Duty Base
Compatible Roll-Off Platform Tops

  • Small (Standard) Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE470
  • Slim Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE469
  • Super Slim Roll-Off Platform Top – Model : KE468




Demtruk User Manual



Base and Platforms Ship Separately

Shipping Weight and Dimensions     Width.  Length   Height Weight  
Lite Base KE448     12" 39.5" 16" 42 lbs
Heavy Duty Base KE450     16" 42" 14" 57.4 lbs
Deluxe (Large) Platform KE471     31" 47" 4.5" 62.4 lbs
Standard (Small) Platform      30.5" 39" 2.75" 42.4 lbs
Slim Platform KE469     28" 40" 2.5" 35.3 lbs
Super Slim KE468     24" 40" 2.75" 35.3 lbs





3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

For manufacturing defect: Send details, evidence to KE  (Demtruk) for support and resolution. Contact Espresso Service Network for assistance. 

Action: Demtruk will repair or replace  part or product.  (general wear and tear is not covered) . Warranty does not include damage in transit.