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F.18 2 Group Volumetric $15,435
F.18 3 Group Volumetric $17,100
  • Touch Screen for fast and responsive programming with digital displays at each group for reading shot times and brewing temperatures.
  • Pecision Brewing Temperature Control for Personal Flavor Profiling.
  • Individual drink Pre-Infusion control for customization of flavor dynamics
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The F.18 by Sanremo Coffee Machines is an affordable commercial espresso machine for those who are looking for precise control over their brewing temperature. The F.18 is a well built espresso machine and  offers features that are not typically found in its price range. Undeniably, the F.18 has a unique exterior design making it a great choice for anyone who is looking for an espresso machine with a more modern style and less traditional.  Check out our "Features" tab to learn specific details about the F.18 . Consider pairing the F.18 with the Mythos Clima Pro Grinder for high volume environments or the Mythos Basic with a Puqpress tamper. Contact us (509) 558-8081 for personal assistance.


The Basics

Group Height Traditional Height - All Models
Color Options Black/Matte Black, White/Black, Blue/Matte Black
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Wand| Turn Knob 
Receptacle Nema 6-50R


  • Barista Lighting:
  • Temperature Controlled Hot Water Wand: When your barista can deliver a tea or Americano at a comfortable temperature without scalding anyone, this will turn out to be one of your favorite F.18 features.
  • Individual Group Displays
  • Pre-Infusion Programming
  • 1/2 Turn Steam Knob
  • Touch Screen Interface: Assertive control







Sanremo F.18 Brochure

Sanremo F.18 Installation 2 Group Sheet

Sanremo F.18 Installation 3 Group Sheet

Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Steam Boiler Vol. Brew Boilers
2 Group 35.5" 25.5" 20.1" 214lb 6320W 220-240V 8.6L 1L x2
3 Group 42.2" 25.5" 20.1" 265lb 7200W 380-415V 10L 1.5 x3


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