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F.18 2 Group Volumetric $15,435
F.18 3 Group Volumetric $17,100
  • Touch Screen for fast and responsive programming with digital displays at each group for reading shot times and brewing temperatures.
  • Pecision Brewing Temperature Control for Personal Flavor Profiling
  • Individual drink Pre-Infusion control for customization of flavor dynamics
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V isually stunning espresso machine, the F.18 by Sanremo Coffee Machines was inspired by the F.18 supersonic jet designed for combat. Its inspiration was purposeful. Sanremo's  F.18 delivers tools that aid in extracting the most profound flavors from your coffee with features that enable the operator to defend them. F.18 offers assertive control with a touch screen interface, precise brewing temperature control, pre-infusion programming and displays at each group for temperature and shot time monitoring.  F.18 has a low profile design for personal interaction. The F.18 was designed for superior espresso bar configurations.  Consider pairing the F.18 with Nuova Simonelli's Mythos Clima Pro Grinder  Contact us (509) 558-8081 for personal assistance.



Group Height Traditional Height - All Models
Color Options Black/Matte Black, White/Black, Blue/Matte Black
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Wand| Turn Knob 
Receptacle Nema 6-50R


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Steam Boiler Vol. Brew Boilers
2 Group 35.5" 25.5" 20.1" 214lb 6320W 220-240V 8.6L 1L x2
3 Group 42.2" 25.5" 20.1" 265lb 7200W 380-415V 10L 1.5 x3



Sanremo F.18 Brochure

Sanremo F.18 Installation 2 Group Sheet

Sanremo F.18 Installation 3 Group Sheet





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