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Rancilio Specialty Invicta distinguishes itself in its class by incorporating exclusive features that elevate the coffee flavor, setting it apart from other espresso machines.

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2 Group $11,700
3 Group $13,900
  • Larger (4.3") Touch Screen Interface for easy and fast control over just about everything you do with your machine. 
  • Low Profile so you can keep your conversations going with customers and friends. 
  • Low Pressure Pre and Post infusion to have control over how you want your coffee to taste. 
  • Recipe designer and selection menu for a vast array of customized drinks.
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We think of the Invicta by Rancilio Specialty as the first flavor profiling machine with a single boiler. On a technicial perspective the Invicta is extremely unique and here is why. 

Pre and Post infusion (Line Pressure) : This feature is often confused with what is commonly know as pre-infusion which when your pump pressure is restricted. This feature however uses your line pressure to  control the infusion of water onto your grounds, typically at about 2.5 to 3 bar. You can program this infusion up to 10 seconds at the beginning/end of your brew.  You'll see this same feature on the Slayer LP and the Rancilio Specialty RS1 which are both multi-boiler systems but not on many other machines. It is a mechanical design giving a different way of fine tuning the  flavor of your coffee by using and controlling pressure.

Individual Group Temperatures: You can set your brew groups at different temperatures. Set your first two groups for blended roasts and the third group for a single origin.. Unlike a dual-boiler machine, you will need your technician to do this for you.  

Steady Brew. Mechanical design of the brass brew group. The Steady Brew feature stabilizes your temperature keeping it from fluctuating when your machine is not being used or is being used heavily. Stable temperatures means consistent and great tasting coffee with every shot.  

Hot Water Faucet: Program your hot water wand to deliver to volumes with two temperatures. Great for dialing in the perfect temperature for Americanos, and Green or Black Teas.

Analysis of Last 30: Ensure product consisteny. Analyze and review type and time of delivery, flushes carried out, and dose pulses.

Additional Design Features

  • Barista Lighting
  • Ergonomic Portafilters








Group Height Low Profile-Adjustable Deck Height 
Color Options Black, Stainless Steel, or White
Dosing Operation Manual or Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Cool Touch Wands/Locking Steam Knobs
Other Options Custom Color, Cup Warmer


Group Depth Height Width Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group* 24" 18" 33" 166lb 4300W 220-240V 11 Liters
3 Group* 24" 18" 42" 199lb 5400W 220-240V 16 Liters

*Dimensions are rounded up.


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