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Step 1:
Select a Model
Pure Coffee 2-Step $18,870
Top Milk 1-Step $21,165
Top Milk 1- Step with Beverage Air Fridge (WTR27AHC-SR) $25,865
Top Milk 1- Step with Beverage Air Fridge (WTR48AHC-FIP) $26,365
  • 2 Self-Adjusting Grinders keeps your coffee consistent. No more throwing out unacceptable shots.
  • Centralized Hot Water for Self-Serve Teas and Americanos
  • Americano bypass single cup
  • Endless Programming Capabilities in temperature, hot water volume settings, cup and drink sizes. foam textures, etc. 
  • Create a customized menus for each operator with preferred icons for better interaction.
  • Drink selections share information about calories and origin of ingredients.
  • Heat resistant, long lasting Titanium coated stainless steel burrs.
  • Learn more below



Step 2:
Select Your Options


The Egro Next is designed to produce about 250 high quality beverages per day.  The Top Milk model will produce about 300. The Next model has super functionality compared to Egro One in customized drink options, and programming. Next can be programmed for self-service or with an attending barista.. The Next is for those who wish to provide quality consistent beverages but have specific challenges or priorties such as training challenges, or a smaller staff. Automatic espresso allows a higher level of customer interaction.

Pure Coffee is the two-step model which means the machine will come with a steam wand to heat and froth dairy/non-dairy offerings.. 

Top Milk is the one-step model that brews and prepares dairy and non-dairy based drinks. 


Isteam +: Newest generation heating and frothing steam wand with increased speed (Pure Coffee)

Muli-Milk: Double Milk Pump System for two types of dairy or non-dairy like soy and coconut milk. Works with any fridge configuration. 

Automatic Spout: Conveniently adjusts the delivery spout to the height of the cup size being used. 

High-Capacity Brew Module:  What about those who prefer a triple shot or more? This larger brewing module (25g) offers more flexibility in drink sizes or profiling your coffee weights.

Under Counter Grounds Chute:  Coffee grounds is somewhat like sand. Always making its way into just about everything. This grounds chute option sends coffee waste to a container under counter keeping counter tops neat and tidy.

Self-Service Locks Package: Protect your Next espresso machine and product inventory with locks for bean hoppers and grounds waste drawer. This package also includes guides to ensure proper cup placement.

Powder Module: Enables machine to deliver up to two types of powder; for example, chocolate for mochas and hot chocolate.

Cool Coffee Module: Rapidly cools coffee after brewing for best-quality iced beverages. External module requires separate 110 v electrical connection and you cannot use this module with a powder module installed. 

Cold Foam: Perfect for iced coffee drinks. Only available with the Next fridge.

To operate the Next, you'll need a refrigerator. We offer some choices or you can use your own under counter fridge with top access holes. 

Next Fridge: 6.5 liter (1.7 gallon) counter-top fridge fits perfectly on the left side of the machine.

Beverage Air Fridge (UCR20HC) 20" W under counter fridge that holds two gallons of milk and fits under most counter tops. Includes milk delivery line access points.

Beverage Air Special WTR27AHC-SR: 27" W larger capacity fridge that can be placed under counter or can function as a workstation with the machine directly on top. Includes milk delivery line access points.

Beverage Air Special WTR48AHC-FIP: 48" W extra-large capacity fridge that can be placed under counter or can function as a workstation with the machine directly on top. Includes milk delivery line access points.

Use your own under counter fridge: Must be professionally modified to include an access hole in the top for milk delivery hoses. Must be installed within 3 feet of the espresso machine.

Multi-Milk: add to any fridge configuration to deliver two types of milk.

Cold Milk Foam: delivers amazingly stable cold foam for unique drinks. Not available with any configuration that includes multi-milk or any under the counter configurations. Only available with NEXT Top Milk Fridge.



Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step (Top Milk) or 2-Step (Pure Coffee)
Steam Wand iSteam or iSteam Plus | Button Actuation
Receptacle NEMA L6-30R


Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
All Models 12" 23" 31" 126lb 6700W 208-220V
KS9 Fridge 12" 15" 21" 64lb 200W 110-120V
Beverage Air
20" 24.5" 31.125" 119lb - 115V
Beverage Air
27" 36.5" 39.625" 172lb - 115V





General Information

Next User Manual
Next Brochure 

NEXT Pure Coffee

Spec Sheet


NEXT Top Milk 


Spec Sheet - Use Own Fridge

Spec Sheet - with Top Milk Fridge

Spec Sheet - with Bev-Air Workstation








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