Slayer Steam LP

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2 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) $20,035
2 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) Optional Finishes $21,335
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) $23,365
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (V) Optional Finishes $24,605
  • Programmable Pre and Post infusion to give you very specific control over the flavor of your coffee. 
  • Convenient automatic group flushing ensures every shot is being brewed from a clean group. 
  • Beautiful presentation. Wing channels keep wires & hoses hidden from view
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The Slayer LP is an espresso machine utilizing tasteful wooden paddles for operation.  The espresso machine is beautiful so it would be best to showcase it in a prominent place but the look of the Slayer LP will not be the only reason most are drawn to this machine.  It is the unique internal design of the Slayer LP which offers an operating system that provides you control over pre and post infusion not seen in most other commercial espresso machines.       

Group Height Adjustable Drip Tray for Traditional or Tall/Raised Height
Color Options Mirror polished stainless steel body, ink black wings/cup rail, onyx Duratex actuators & handles.
Models Slayer Steam EP, Slayer Steam LP
Dosing Operation Manual or Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand


Steam Actuation

Push/Pull Lever



See the perfect mirror polish finish of the Slayer Steam LP!



​3  Position Paddle Operation. The LP can be used manually or you can program it. First position is home. if you plan to operate the LP manually, the second position is used for pre and post infusion and  the third position is for brewing. if you choose  to program your Slayer LP, position 2 and 3 are for individual recipes. Set position one for one pour and position two for another. 

  • Adjustable Drain Tray

  • Automatic Group Flushing: This is one of those features that you do not see on many espresso machines. When you move your paddle back to home, your LP will automatically rinse the group. A small feature that makes a large impact on the flavor of your coffee. Programmable by time or you can operate it manually if you choose. 


  • Weight Based Volumetrics: Instead of programming by pulses or milliliters, the Slayer LP is designed to be programmed by weight to achieve volume. 


  • Pre and Post infusion: A stand out feature of the Slayer Steam LP is the ability for the equipment operater to program pre and post infusion utilizing low pressure. The Slayer LP progamming  uses mathematics to display the weight of your brew.   The LP pre-infusion comes pre-programmed at 2.5 bar but it is an adjustable parameter. Recommended range is between 2.5 to 4 bar  The LP allows you to  preinfuse for up to 10 seconds, switch to full brew and then back to post-infusion, once again utilizing lower pressure to achieve your precise intended weight. Initially you will calibrate the LP for it to mathematically calculate the weight of your shots. You will need to recalibrate the Slayer LP every time you to a major grind adjustment, change your coffee or dosing.  If you choose to calibrate your machine by weight you will need a scale on-hand. You'll want to use this feature to explore how to bring out the best qualities of your coffee. 


  • PID-Controlled Independent Brew Tanks: This popular feature provides you with accurate brewing temperatures especially during slow or higher traffic periods when machine temps typically tend to fluctuate either spiking or plummeting. The individual brew boilers also allows you to set specific temperatures per group. Set one group's temperature for a single origin and the other for a blend. 


  • Two Cleaning Programs: The Quick Clean feature allows you to rinse one or all groups. You'll use your back flush filter but no cleaner.  The other cleaning program is more thorough. Again, you can choose to clean groups independently or all together. 


  • Hot Water Wand: Adjustable temperature as well as volume. Choose a temperature that best suites your needs. Choose a temperature for Americanos, black or green tea. This is  an adjustment.


  • Individual Group Displays: The LP is designed for each group to be programmed and operated independently,  The independent display provides the barista operating a group to be informed on brew time, brew weight, brew group temperature, and steam pressure for the machine (Group 1 only)


Independent Brew Tanks: A standard feature for all Slayer espresso machines. Set brewing independent temperatures for different coffee and product consistency.

  • Steam Wands: Two setting long lasting steam wands.  Slayer incorporated a solenoid (electronic) valves opposed to the traditional mechanical valve.  Enjoy less maintenance on your steam wands. ​




Steam LP User Manual
Steam LP Spec Sheet
Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Brew
2 Group 34" 27.75" 16.75" 220lb 4700W 308-240V 1.7L 7.4L
3 Group 43.5" 27.75" 16.75" 305lb 6300W 208-240V 1.7L 12L




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