Talento (Discontinued)

Unbeatable Warranty 

Our adjustable warranty program can save you hundreds on the cost of your new espresso machine. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

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Milk Cooler Only $1,080
Talento 2-Step $16,425
Talento 1-Step $17,775
Talento 1-Step with Milk Cooler $18,855
  • Can brew drinks into cups of all sizes with its automotive brew group.
  • Talento's linear design makes this machine a huge space saver and allows it to fit into tight fitting areas.
  • Talento can be programmed to dispense up to 20 different drinks.
  • Features a programmable On/Off setting to save energy.
  • Includes self-diagnostic program.
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The Talento is the super automatic machine for those looking for the newest in espresso technology. Delivering high quality beverages at the simple press of a button make this machine ideal for busy coffee shops and restaurants alike.
Suitable for: Demand Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Large Offices & Locations

1 step: Will add milk to milk based beverages automatically. Requires a milk cooler which you may purchase or use one you already own.
2 step: Requires the user to steam the milk using the built in Auto-Steam.


Group Height Adjustable Height - Up to 7.48"
Color Options Black/Blue
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand Auto-Steam| Button
Receptacle Nema L6-30 Twist


Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
1 Group 16" 25" 34" 215lb 5400W 208-240V







Nuova Simonelli espresso machines come standard with a 2 year manufacturer warranty (Part and Material). Extended warranties on  labor, travel, preventative maintenance and part service will vary. Contact us for warranty options and pricing.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water filter to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends on your water and quantity of drinks being made. 

Complimentary Preventative Maintenance

Most of our Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino espresso machines include a complimentary preventative maintenance. We perform this comprehensive maintenance right before your labor and travel warranty expire. It is a great opportunity to return your equipment back to like working new condition. It also provides us with an important opportunity to explore the interior of your equipment to determine if there may be a defect or possible component failure that has gone undetected. If anything is found, those things can be repaired complimentary while your machine is still under warranty.