Unbeatable Warranty 

Our adjustable warranty program can save you hundreds on the cost of your new espresso machine. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

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Select a Model
Pure Coffee 2-Step (plumbed) $10,795
Pure Coffee 2-Step (self-contained) $10,795
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (plumbed) $12,410
Quick Milk 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (self-contained) $12,410
Quick Milk Pro 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (Plumbed) $13,107
Quick Milk Pro 1-Step with Quick Milk Fridge (self-contained $13,107
  • Designed specifically for bakeries, offices, self-service, home and other medium-low output locations.
  • The ZERO+ drink dispenser has an even taller pour range and can accomidate cups up to 7" tall. 
  • Optional powder hoppers may be installed on top of the machine for a further range of beverages without sacrificing counter space.
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The EGRO ZERO+ is an entry level automatic (super-automatic) espress machine. Quality espresso beverages for lower volume stages. The Zero automatic espresso machine is beautifully designed, and able to produce consistent, great tasting beverages every brew. From its matte black finish and stunning design to its simplistic functionality, the EGRO ZERO+ is a perfect fit for a variety of locations from bars and fast casual restaurants, to hotels and corporate offices.


Group Height Adjustable Brew Group Height
Dosing Operation Automatic 1-Step or 2-Step
Steam Wand Manual Steam Wand Only
Water Source Direct-Connection (plumbed) or Self-Contained (pour over)


Model Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts
Pure Coffee 13" 24" 31" 126lb 1800W 11V
Quick Milk with
Quick Milk Fridge
22" 24" 31" 190lb 1800W 110V