The Espresso Service Network (ESN) was created from a simple idea, improve commercial espresso service. If you have been in the business of espresso beverages for any length of time, you may already know of some changes you would like to see happen. Sadly, espresso service technicians work in dynamic conditions, where formal education is expensive and not easily accessable.  Is it surprising that some of the most promising and talented service persons leave the field of espresso service for other industries?

On our website you will find that we promote and sell superior quality commercial espresso equipment  with one small but vital difference. A large portion of profits earned from your equipment purchase are ushered back into your community to be used by the service provider of your choice. Depending on the equipment you select, your local service company is now responsible for providing you the services that come with your equipment such as installation or preventative maintenance, however now because you've chosen to invest in  your community they are better equiped to provide you with the highest quality of service. Your service company may choose to strengthen their inventory with original espresso equipment manufacturer parts or offer advanced training to their technicians who will be providing your espresso repair services. Investing in our nations commercial espresso service companies means  better service with faster response and diagnostic times. All components  espresso businesses rely on.  

The ESN is the first progressive community of espresso service providers in which service companies, as well as consumers, have a collective voice in how espresso installation, repair, and maintenance services should be executed. 

Thank you for visiting the Espresso Service Network. Our hope is that the ongoing conversation between all individuals in the world of espresso will help bring improvement and relevancy to the espresso service industry.


Ruth Easley
ESN Founder