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Barista Habits: Purging for Product Quality

Rinsing, otherwise known as purging, is a common practice for baristas to help them keep their beverages consistent and great tasting. Rinsing or purging is the action of running water through the espresso machine’s brew group. Baristas may rinse their groups before and after brewing but for two entirely different reasons.  In this article, I will be referring to the practice of rinsing the machine’s group after brewing.

Rinse After You Brew

The purpose for rinsing immediately after brewing is to remove coffee grounds and residue left over from your espresso machine’s last pour. Without rinsing, those lingering bits of espresso grounds and residue will interact with your next extraction. Nothing good can come from burnt grounds and coffee oils interacting with your coffee’s flavor profile. Developing a habit of rinsing after brewing is beneficial and necessary to your product consistency, quality and taste.  Something you and your customer are both looking for.

Automatic Group Rinse


Clean in 2 Seconds

Develop a habit of running your group one (1) – two (2) seconds after performing each brew. You may be tempted to rinse your groups longer, however this is not necessary and will either immediately skyrocket or lower your machine’s brewing temperature. No matter how awesome your espresso machine is for reheating, or how large your boiler is, or even if your machine has a pre-heating system, the influx of large amounts of cold water into your heat exchanger, or brew boiler, will always effect your brewing temperature. On a side note, keep a towel handy to wipe out your basket.  This is to remove residual grounds but be gentle in order to not damage your screen and basket. Dented and wavy screens affect the water distribution over your grounds so take care.

Espresso Machines with Automatic Group Rinse

Lastly, the Espresso Service Network has a few newer espresso machines available that now offer espresso machines that automatically rinse their groups when the portable filter is removed. You can take a look at them here. As one of many professional U.S. espresso service technicians,  my job is to help you find the best and most appropriate espresso equipment for your business needs.  After I sell you your equipment, I support you with prompt professional service while incorporating on-going tips and education to help you maintain a superior coffee program. 

Tech Nick Lee Ahero


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