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Compare Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric and Slayer LP


There are quite a few features that the Slayer LP and Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric commercial espresso machines have in common. They are both uniquely designed to be showcased in a prominent area. Both operate utilizing a multi-boiler system and are relatively the same weight and size although the Slayer LP has a lower profile. Both offer product consistency and flavor exploration by controlling temperature and the weight of the shot. One of the prevalent differences is how each espresso machine is designed to approach the programming, analysis and maintenance of the extraction weight.
VA 358 Black Eagle Gravimetric: Utilizes physical scales that are extremely accurate while rarely needing calibration. The scales are attached by a bracketing system in the drip tray. The Gravimetic system utilizes a scale and the group’s flow meter to determine an end weight. 
Slayer LP: Instead of incorporating physical scales into its design, the Slayer LP utilizes a programming algorithm to determine weight in the cup. Most espresso machines utilize a flow meter converting pulses to milliliters. It is worth mentioning that The Slayer LP translates pulses to grams. Unlike having an espresso machine with built in scales, the operator must calibrate weight objectives in programming using an accurate free-standing scale purchased separately. Each group can be programmed individually and is not dependent on a physical scale once the machine or group is calibrated. Operators will need to daily check for accuracy. This is a simple and easy process to accomplish, however a substantial change in weight or coffee roast, will require recalibration. 
Compare: At 25,650, Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle Gravimetric two group comes priced higher than Slayer LP but the bonus may be its less complicated operating system. You may appreciate this if you serve several different roasts and offer an abundance of recipes. The Black Eagle scales are vulnerable to damage when hit or too much pressure is placed on them. You will want to consider appearance as well as the Slayer LP’s unique pressure profiling feature before choosing between these two high quality espresso machines.

Tips for Shopping: Visit our features tabs on our product pages to learn about additional attributes offered by Slayer LP and Victoria Arduino's Black Eagle. Both espresso machines sit on the high-end so expect additional benefits with your purchase such as complimentary preventative maintenance, installation, water treatment, training as well as a comprehensive labor and travel warranty. If we can offer you additional insights or assist you in finding a quality sales and service provider in your area, do not hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to hear from you. 

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