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Espresso Repair and Service Directory Now On-Line


The Espresso Service Network (ESN) has a simple goal, and that is to support U.S. commercial espresso service companies and help them offer the best service possible. Obviously, there are a lot of ways to accomplish that, but the first step, we thought, was to give equipment owners a quick and easy way to connect with their local service providers. Our national Espresso Service Directory just launched this week! The Espresso Service Directory offers equipment owners and individuals working in the espresso industry a way to easily find and connect with espresso service provider as well as review their services.

Commercial Espresso Sales and Service Directory

If you have not seen the Espresso Service Directory, we hope you will visit at You can search by a service company's name or zip code. As I mentioned before, we launched just this week but frustratingly with some website glitches. A lot of the service providers are still trying to make their way around the back-end of the site so not all the profile pages are completely in place. Still, our hope is that the Espresso Repair and Service Directory will become a powerful resource for all who work in the industry. Helping consumers find local service companies is just part of the Espresso Service Directory. We also wanted to offer detailed information about the companies, so we gave the providers a powerful platform with a comprehensive profile page to communicate with the public.

The espresso service provider profile page is packed with information you will not find on any other espresso service directory. As you know, the espresso industry is a tight-knit group, so we gave the providers a way to communicate what is important to the industry. The profile page lets consumers know about espresso equipment manufacturers the service provider sells and supports, types of services they offer as well as necessary information on repair warranties and liability insurance. Giving the espresso trade a better look at service providers is not all there is to the profile pages. We also gave consumers a way to review the service companies they interacted with.

Each espresso service company has a review system dedicated to their profile page. Consumers can review the services they receive from a provider and let them know directly what matters most to them. Whether it is price, speed, or quality of espresso equipment service, the industry now has a way of communicating what they need in service to carry on a successful espresso related business. We also took the time to protect the service providers from those with malicious intent and help ensure that the reviews they received were from individuals dedicated to the espresso industry.

The Espresso Service Directory is one of many resources we look forward to sharing with you in the  next few months  If you have a suggestion or would like us to consider an improvement to the ESN website, we would appreciate hearing from you. You can reach out to us via Facebook or at our website Espresso Service Network 

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