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Finding the Right Service Company


Determining Your Needs       

For many espresso machine owners and even equipment manufacturers, finding the right espresso service company is a frustrating ordeal.  In some areas of the country, equipment owners have little to no choice in professional espresso service. Many have had to turn to and depend on HVAC technicians, or electricians to help them keep their equipment up and running. Although these individuals are talented in their chosen fields, they cost espresso equipment owners money in longer diagnostic times and equipment down time because they lack easy access to manuals and parts. In the end, you need your service company to be dedicated to the espresso service industry and to on-going technical training and inventory maintenance. Sadly, adequate commercial espresso service is uncommon in the U.S. If you are fortunate enough to have a choice of espresso service companies in your area, understanding what you value will aid you in selecting the one that is right for you and your business.


As you know, there are a variety of businesses that offer espresso beverages in which you compete with.  They can range from drive-thru stands providing quick service, to high-end specialty coffee houses where longer wait times are expected. For some coffee lovers, the drive-thru with a shorter delay is just what they need to make it to work on-time. For others, social meetings at their favorite espresso bar serves as a place to linger and rejuvenate. As consumers, we choose businesses that provide us with what we need and value. Just like your customers, recognizing what your business needs will help you choose the right espresso service company for your business.

          Distinguishing and communicating what is essential to your business is the first step in finding satisfaction with your espresso service technician. An espresso technician has three fundamental features of repair and service work that they can offer you, they are:

  • quality of work and lower diagnostic times
  • responsiveness to your repair request
  • lower prices

When you consider service for your espresso equipment, know which two of those three features are most valuable to you because, it is unusual for any business regardless of industry to be able to offer all three. If you find a technician that offers a high level of expertise with quick diagnostic times and lower service rates, it would not be unreasonable to expect a longer response time to your service requests. They will be in high demand. You could also reasonably expect to pay a higher service rate for a technician with advanced technical skill and training that arrives promptly when your machine is out of order. In the example of the HVAC technician, you can reasonably expect a lower level in all fundamentals of espresso service. After all, they are just there trying to help in an industry that is not their own. Knowing what is important to you and then communicating your needs with your service company will better enable them to provide you the type of service that your business needs and that you will be pleased with. Learning more about your service company by asking questions and speaking with their references can also assist you in making a sound decision when selecting an espresso repair company.  

          References and learning more about a repair company is helpful when searching for the right service provider. Look for recommendations beyond roasters or food service companies. Speaking to or looking at real businesses in your community that the service provider works with can help you determine whether they will be able to meet your expectations. As your equipment grows older, repair calls become more difficult. Speaking with long term customers will tell you if their service technician’s skills are comprehensive enough to keep up with aging equipment. Consider services that may be necessary for your business. If you operate a high-end espresso machine you’ll want a company that is proficient in providing detailed instructions on equipment operations. You could also ask about available preventative maintenance programs that manage your equipment’s repair schedule or available after-hours services. Taking the time to learn more about your local repair company and the services they offer, will give you a tremendous amount of insight into their ability to provide you the types of services your business needs.

          Not all commercial espresso service companies are the same. Some offer education and comprehensive equipment understanding while others may provide lower service rates and only basic services.  Some offer only in shop services while others offer 24-hour service. Some service companies service many manufacturers while others only service one. There is a lot to consider about service before you ever purchase your equipment. Exploring what is important to your business and learning more about the key values of a repair company will be instrumental in helping you select the right Sales and Service Company for you and your business. Lastly, if you are currently using services from a commercial espresso service company, will you take the time to share your thoughts about your experience(s) with them on the Espresso Service Directory ( The Espresso Service Directory is a free service for commercial espresso equipment owners, manufacturers and equipment distributors to find verified reviews from other espresso industry professionals. Your reflections will help make it easier for other business owners to connect with the best service company for them. Your time and are greatly appreciated.

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