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Negotiating the Set Up of your New Espresso Equipment


When you purchase commercial espresso equipment the industry requires you to negotiate some additional items or services that are necessary to equipment ownership such as complimentary preventative maintenances or water treatment. Before closing the deal, make certain that your purchase includes your training and the programming of your equipment during installation. 


Once your equipment is installed, it should be ready to brew and serve beverages. If your temperature, brew volumes, or grind, have not been set, you will not be able to serve a consistent cup of coffee. Furthermore, new espresso machines have been known to shut down in the middle of the day because their setup was not completed correctly. This important service is always accomplished by your installing service technician or your roaster, however not all roasters or technicians provide these services or at least not to just anyone. It is the responsibility of the retailer you purchase from to make certain that your equipment is fully set up unless you fail to negotiate this important part of your installation or decide to do it yourself.


Programming your own equipment is possible, but it is not uncommon for new equipment owners to place their equipment so out of balance that they end up hiring someone to come out to put things right. This extra expense can be easily avoided by purchasing from a reputable retailer who will ensure your training and the proper setup of your equipment. 

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