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Successful Espresso Businesses Rarely Overlook Technical Experience


A fundamental part of being a successful espresso beverage business is maintaining equipment to avoid malfunction because it not only prevents the enormous cost of emergency repair service but often, the irretrievable loss of business. Many manufacturers incorporate solenoid valves (electrovalves) into their equipment for hot water, steaming, and brewing functions. Not all solenoid valves are the same and the cost on any one valve can vary from sixty to six-hundred dollars or more.  Some valves can be rebuilt which is often less expensive, but for others, your service provider will need to replace them periodically and before they break.  If you are serious about your business, preventing equipment malfunction should be the goal of your service provider. 

Service Documentation is a Professional Responsibility

Technical documentation on the longevity of specific valves is part of a professional service technician's administrative duty  but is often disregarded by many technicians who have received little training or support from the coffee industry. When you should replace a specific valve on your espresso machine  will be answered by your service technician.  Manufacturers rarely provide this information, so technicians must learn this through documentation over a period of time in the field, and from mentors or colleagues. The goal for the professional technician is to replace a valve before it fails but as close as possible to the end of the valves life span to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs to the equipment owner, 


Select Your Equipment in Relationship to your Service Provider's Attitude 

Before purchasing equipment from a separate retailer, meet with service providers in your area to discuss the equipment you are considering as well as the ones they sell and support. To be successful in espresso beverages you will want to choose your service provider for their focus and dedication to equipment maintenance not repair. The equipment you select and your service provider’s experience or even attitude toward your preferences should be weighed heavily before purchasing. No matter what preventative measures you take, your espresso equipment can still fail but a professional technician’s responsibility is to do everything they can  to limit how often this occurs. His or her field experience and training with a manufacturer’s equipment will lower your cost in maintenance and limit your equipment down time.


The Espresso Service Network is the only on-line equipment retailer to invest in our industries service layer. One way we do this is by sharing eduction to improve consumer awareness.  If you have questions about our sales program or need counseling assistance, feel free to reach out. We would enjoy hearing from you. 

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