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The Unfair Condemnation of the Espresso Equipment Manufacturer

Commercial espresso equipment manufacturers can often be the subject of unearned criticism because of substandard espresso service. Unfortunately, inexperienced technicians can negatively affect the way consumers view their own espresso equipment; and sadly, the manufacturer of that equipment. In today’s high paced market, equipment manufacturers are happy to provide consumers several places to purchase their equipment, but easily become victims of grave public perceptions as they lose control over who will actually be servicing their equipment once it leaves their warehouse. When purchasing any commercial espresso equipment, a chasm between your service company and your equipment manufacturer can occur when you purchase equipment from a company that out-sources your installation and warranty service.


The company you purchase your espresso equipment from will be the one selecting the service company for your new equipment’s Fingers Pointing to Different Wordsinstallation and warranty service. Manufacturers are helpless to prevent retailers from choosing the wrong service company for your business. Logically, you may be thinking how could there be a wrong service company? After all, if a company is in business to repair espresso equipment, shouldn’t they know what they are doing? Whether it is auto repair, refrigeration, plumbing, or any other type of repair, we’ve all experienced dissatisfaction when it comes to all sorts of technical services. The espresso repair industry is no different. You may be surprised to learn that your equipment retailer may not even hire an espresso service technician for your equipment’s installation. It is not uncommon for electricians and HVAC technicians to be appointed to install and repair commercial espresso equipment. Many have little to no training in the field of espresso or in the equipment that you have purchased. You still may not be phased by this, but here are a couple of examples of simple, yet costly mistakes that can happen when a green espresso technician installs commercial espresso equipment.


In Spokane Valley, WA, a new espresso equipment and business owner struggled for several months with her shots not being uniformed. No matter what she did the shots on her new espresso machines would not pour the same. Although her equipment was under warranty no one seemed to be able to help her. She was convinced her equipment was to blame. As a last resort, she decided to hire another local espresso service company who discovered that her automatic espresso machines were programmed and calibrated differently. Although this seems like a rookie mistake it was one that caused a great deal of stress and loss of business to a new business owner that was already dealing with a significant amount of pressure.


Person Sitting with a Drawing of a Sad Face  Here is another example submitted to the Espresso Service Network Mediation Panel of how an inexperienced service technician caused financial heartache to a small business. A service technician explained that he was called out for the first time to service a new three group espresso machine that was not heating. On arrival, he discovered that the machine was scaled up so much that the most cost effective option was to recommend that the equipment be refurbished. The excessive buildup of scale was caused by the previous repair technician installing the machine’s water treatment incorrectly. From the first day that the machine was installed, it operated on hard water. The equipment owner never thought to test the water after she had had her technician install or replace her water treatment. Why would she? She trusted that her technician was capable of caring for her equipment. Her technician’s blunder added to her cost of doing business and negatively affected her profit and the services she could provide her customers. The espresso machine was only 8 months old. 


The above stories are just two examples of how espresso service technicians can negatively affect product quality and the life expectancy of equipment, but they can also purposely misguide equipment owners in to believing their specific brand of equipment is substandard. Your commercial espresso retailer/sales company is required to be your sole point of contact for any warranty issues you may experience, but poor product quality can be caused by many different factors not specifically related to your espresso equipment. Bad beans, environment, and poor barista skills are all potential culprits and without an espresso technician with advanced espresso brewing experience, finger pointing at the espresso equipment can be the easiest way to hide the absence of experience and knowledge. Your equipment sales company, just like you, has little reason to question a service technician’s judgement and will therefore be reluctant to spend additional money on any in depth professional troubleshooting if your product quality begins to deteriorate.


Purchasing your equipment from a local retailer that provides both purchasing options and manages a technical team means they are Hand Holding Billfold with Money invested in the specific equipment you are purchasing, and therefore, also has a strong working relationship with your equipment’s manufacturer. They can hardly criticize the equipment they have recommended and sold to you and they will naturally have the resources to dig deeper when things are not going right. Your local professional service technician works closely with your manufacturer’s service department to identify warranty issues and reasonable resolutions to unexpected issues. There are many places you can purchase commercial beverage equipment; but there is only one smart place to buy and that is with a local and reputable service company in your area.


Working with a qualified and dedicated local retailer and service Provider is a smart strategy and an inexhaustible resource for all serious espresso business owners. The Espresso Service Network is working to bring the best equipment manufacturers and espresso sales/service companies together to help create better ways to support you, the espresso equipment owner. Once your equipment is installed and in service, your espresso equipment manufacturer wants you to have the best local resource that is right for your business and is readily available to meet your needs.


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