Slayer Espresso Single Group

Complimentary Preventative Maintenance 

Your Slayer Espresso machine comes with a free maintenance. This extra feature is to showcase the importance of maintaining your investment.

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Select a Model
Single Group $11,580
  • For Home or Commercial Use
  • PID feature offers your unique control over the flavor of your coffee
  • Manual pressure control
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 If you are searching for an espresso machine for your home, know that the Slayer Espresso will most likely be the last espresso machine you will ever buy. The Slayer is a one-of-a kind espresso machine. Not everyone is interested in flavor profiling their coffee but if you are, Slayer Espresso provides you the contol to do more than just adjust brewing temperature and your shot times. There are two major isolating points about the Slayer besides the quality of materials that make up the machine. One is the pre-brew system. This is the feature of Slayer Espresso that makes it stand alone as a precision and elite profiling espresso machine. The other notable feature of the Slayer espresso is that it is externally and internally customizable in color and material, an important feature if you think of your espresso machine as more than just an in home appliance . Slayer is programmable for consistency and ease of use. It also operates manually as a featuring platform for professional baristas.  While you are here, take the time to customize your Slayer Espresso machine by selecting the Choose Design Preference up above. We know that there are plenty of places to purchase a Slayer Espresso but we hope you will consider purchasing from us. Like Slayer, we are different than any other U.S. espresso equipment retailer, because we don't just hire your service company; we partner with them.  You may be buying on-line but your purchase enriches your community and local service company.  We hope you'll take the time to reach out to us to learn more about the Slayer Espresso and our Service Provider Sales Program. Here is our contact information.


Group Height Traditional 
Color Options Black, Custom Color
Groups Slayer Espresso 2-3
Dosing Operation Programmable Electronic
Steam Wand Standard
Recepticle 1G Nema 5-15 | 2G Nema 6-20 | Nema L6-30 Twist


Group Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
1 Group 18.5" 23" 13" 110lb 1500W 110-125V 5 Liters
2 Group  22" 22" 20" 145lb 1500-3000W 110-240V 5 Liters
3 Group 31" 22" 20" 160lb 3400W 208-240V 11



Slayer Espresso 1 Group User Guide

Slayer Espresso 1 Group Installation Instructions

Customizing Your Slayer

We always start with your vision; the little idea that’s only yours. After that, we get to work because there is a lot to think about when it comes to customizing your Slayer Espresso machine. We will help you maneuver through metal options, paint colors, wood accents and your design ideas. The options are almost limitless, so we hope you’ll put our ESN Slayer coordinators to work. We will remember your vision and your budget and do our best to make everything become a reality. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for customizing the Slayer Espresso machine. Begin by viewing the "Start Here" tab. For personal assistance contact the ESN at (509) 558-8081.

Design Preference

Start by selecting from one of the following three categories. The categories are: "Advanced Customization," and "Classic Black." If you want to customize exterior features of your machine, select "Advanced Customization." "Classic Black" is for those wishing to purchase the Slayer Espresso without customization.

Advanced Customization

From body panels to logo designs, select this option to fully customize the exterior of your Slayer Espresso machine (excludes acrylic window or glass body). Note: Some customizable features are only available for 2 and 3 group machines.

Featured Options:

  • X-Legs and Hubs
    (See "X-Legs" Tab)
  • Front Panel, Drip/Cup Trays
    (See "Color" Tab)
  • Back Panel Logo & Design
    (See "Logo's and Design" Tab)
Classic Black

The Slayer Espresso machine comes standard with black powder coated back and side panels. Silver powder coated X-Legs. The front panel, drip tray, cup tray, brew-group(s) and hubs come standard in stainless steel.

Featured Options:

  • Actuator Set & Cup Rail - (See "Wood" Tab)

Customizing Your Panels

If you have decided on "Advanced Customization" or "Acrylic Window or Glass Body," your next step would be to consider the back and side panels of your machine. 

Back/Side Panels Color/Material I & II

For the body of your Slayer Espresso (back and side panels), please choose one from the following options:

  • Customizing back AND side panels with the same color or material: Select an option from "Color/Material I" only: Leave the "Color/Material II" on the "No Thanks" option.
  • Customizing back panel OR side panels only: Select an option from "Color/Material I" only. Leave the "Color/Material II" on the "No Thanks" option.
  • Customizing back and side panels with different colors/materials: The ESN equipment selection process is set-up so that if you choose to customize your side panels differently from your back panel you will receive a discount on your second color/material choice. After selecting from Color/Material I, select from Color/Material II. Only options of a lesser price will be available to you. If you desire two types of the same option (powder coat in two colors or two different types of metal), select the same option in both Color/Material I and II.

After checkout, an ESN coordinator will contact you to help you personalize your selections.


Your Slayer Espresso machine can be painted, in almost any color, and on almost every part of the machine.

What Can I Paint?
  • Back, Side and Front Panels
  • X-Legs, Hubs and Side Screws

Drip and Cup Trays
Boiler(s) and Spar

Brew-Group Cap(s)-
(Special Order Only)

Powder Coat

The type of paint used for color customizing the Slayer Espresso machine. All available colors can be found at and (Slayer does not offer colors with "Illusion" written in the title or any paints with "chrome-like base coat" or "top coat needed" listed in their description).

Custom Paint

Slayer offers designs in specific patterns or multi-colored looks for your machine. Stripes, honeycomb, diamond, and chevron are just a few examples of patterns that can be applied to the Slayer Espresso machine.

Request quote for Custom Paint designs or Powder Coated brew-group(s).


In addition to custom color, Slayer offers several unique material options to reflect you and your business' personality. Plated Metal, Leather Sides and Custom Material options are all available to you. Give any room an added sense of elegance or eccentricity; the choice is yours.

Plated Metals

Choose from - Chrome, Silver, Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel, Aluminum, or Copper (note: copper will change color as machine heats).

What Can I Plate in Metal?

  • Back and Side Panels
  • Front Panel and Drip/Cup Trays
  • X-Legs, Hubs, and Side Screws - (See X-Legs Tab)
  • Brew-Group(s) - (Special Order Only)

When you choose a metal for any exterior part of your machine, you must also select one of the following finishes: Grained (coarse uniformed lines, horizontal or vertical) or Polished (a smooth finish to shine metal).

Custom Material

If your imagination goes beyond simple metal or leather, Slayer may be able to customize your machine in a different material of your choosing (see sample images below).

Request Quote for custom material, custom coloring Glass side panels, or metal plating brew-groups.

Actuator Sets & Cup Rail

The Slayer Espresso comes with beautiful wood accents; offering well over a dozen different types of timber. This feature draws attention to your Slayer no matter what the environment.

Actuator Set: Made of genuine wood, the Actuator Set includes the steam handles, brew actuators, and porta'filter handles. European Ash is the standard wood used if no customization is requested.

Cup Rail: The cup rail is made from a single piece of wood and shaped by hand. The cup rail is an optional feature.

Wood Types:  When customizing your machine's actuator set or cup rail, choose from one of the below wood categories. They are Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.

 View Wood Options

  • Type 1: European Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, Quartersawn White Oak, Non-Figured Maple, Ash
  • Type 2: Lacewood, Paduak, Zebra Wook, Black Limba,Tiger Wood, Sapele, Kayha (African Mahogany), Curly Maple
  • Type 3: Zircote, Teak, Koa, Claro Walnut, Quartersawn Bubinga


The X-Legs of the Slayer Espresso is a prominent feature of your machine. Attached to the sides, the X-Legs are responsible for supporting the machine's entire weight while giving it a distinctive profile. When no customization is requested, the X-Legs are powder coated in silver. Your two options for customizing your X-Legs are powder coat or metal plate.

Powder Coat

Primary paint used to color customize the Slayer Espresso X-Legs. Available colors can be found at and (Slayer does not offer colors with "Illusion" written in the title or any paints with "chrome-like base coat" or "top coat needed" listed in their description)

Metal Plated

Your machine's X-Legs can be plated in the following metals: Chrome, Silver, Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel, and Aluminum. You must also select one of the following finishes. Sandblast (blasted with sand to give metal a rough finish), Polished (smooth finish for a shiny metal) or Super Polished (gives metal a reflective finish).


Each X-Leg has three standard stainless steel hubs. One hub attaches to the steam handle and cannot be customized. The other hubs can be painted (see Powder Coat above). Customization pricing for the hubs includes X-Leg screws.

Request quote for metal plated X-Legs and/or Hubs.

Interior Designs

(Acrylic Window and Glass machines only). Available for 2 & 3 Group Machines.