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Why Decaf Pours Irregular but only sometimes


Have you ever noticed your coffee especially your decaf pouring and looking very disappointing? If you have, you are not alone. The obvious and logical reason for this is your coffee is not fresh. Offerings such as decaf or single origin selections are often less popular than other roasts. They tend to hang around longer, so they can become easily unusable if you are not careful. When you grind coffee and allow it to sit more than fifteen (15) minutes, like any food product, it begins the process of breaking down. Coffee loses color and the CO2 that produces crema in your shot dissipates. Everyone who has had a fountain beverage knows what I mean. You can no longer call it fresh or palatable unless, I guess, your desperate. Ground coffee that is not fresh will always pour, and taste less than desirable. Most serious coffee businesses have turned to on-demand grinders to ensure product quality, however baristas continue to see flat shots but only occassionally..


On-Demand Grinders Ensure FreshnessClose up of Nuova Simonelli Mythos Grinder
Endure with me, I just need to do a short explanation for those who are not familiar with on-demand grinders.On-demand grinders save espresso businesses a tremendous amount of money because grounds do not sit in a grind chamber to deteriorate while waiting to be used. The Nuova Simonelli G60 on-demand grinder is a popular choice for many who serve a coffee to accommodate a more specific clientele. It is smaller and for low volume, so it is a less expensive machine. It is a designed to grind and dose only the amount you need and only when you need it.  On-demand grinders are a logical choice for business owners, but you may be wondering why your coffee is still occasionally pouring like the CO2 has disappeared?


First Pulls are Rarely Fresh
You may be surprised to learn that all on-demand grinders have something in common. Regardless of if it is an expensive high-volume or a smaller grinder like the G60, they all retain grounds around the burr area. All pulls from any grinder will draw first from these grounds. When your grinder has sat for more than fifteen (15) minutes or overnight for that matter, your first pull will always be of unusable. These grounds should be placed into your waste bin as quickly as possible to avoid keeping your customers waiting. 


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