Cafe Racer

SCA Certified Espresso Machine 

The SCA Certified Espresso Machine mark has been awarded to the Cafe Racer by Sanremo Coffee Machines for its quality design and engineering.

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Cafe Racer 2 Group Volumetric (V) $21,134
Cafe Racer 3 Group Volumetric (V) $23,759
  • Multiple stainless steel boiler system specificaly designed for precision temperature control and stability
  • Individual group touch screens for the fluid altering and customization of drink parameters, as well as digital and graphics for all data during brew cycle
  • Adjustable deck to accomodate the individual and personal style of a cafe'
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The Café Racer by Sanremo Coffee Machines is a high performance commercial espresso machine driven by a 300 Liter per hour volumetric pump. The seriousness of the Café Racer’s quality and durability begins with the integration of high quality 316L Stainless steel for all boilers, groups and portafilters which is food safe, highly resistent to corrosion and aids in temperature stability. The Cafe Racer system utilizes muliple points of heating. Starting with pre-heat in which your source water is heated to approximately 185 degrees where then it is passed to the brew group boiler for final heating. Furthermore, above the portafilter ring is an additional heating element for extra assurance of temperature stability. Cafe Racer also provides variable amperage for those with electrical limitations. Contol for barista begins with the individual group specific touch screens, offering pre-wetting management, precision temperature control and quality control regulation features. Pre-infusion features are discussed  under our features tabe.  The Café Racer is an extraordinary espresso machine designed as a center piece for the progressive espresso retailer. Contact us for a comprehensive look at the Café Racer’s features, and options. (509) 558-8081.


The Basics

Group Height


Color Options Naked, White and Wood Slim, Black and White, Full White, White and Wood Standard, Renegade, Custom Colors/Materials
Dosing Operation Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard Wand 360 degrees Lock Lever
Receptacle Nema 6-50




Touch Screen: Individual touch screens per group


Cafe Racer Brochure

Cafe Racer User Manual

Sanremo Coffee Machines Equipment Catalogue

Cafe Racer 3 Group Installation Spec Sheet

Groups Width Depth Height Weight Watts Volts Steam Boiler Vol. Boiler Vol.
2 Group 34.5" 26.77" 21" 167lb 7030W 208-240V 60Hz 8L 1L x2
3 Group 41.6" 26.77" 21" 377lb 8350W 208-240V 60Hz 10L 1.5L x3








ESN Extended Warranty: Our extended warranties come complimentary with your purchase and are provided to enhance Sanremo's product warranty. Your ESN Extended Warranty is clearly stated on your invoice and will address labor, travel, and part service . Warranties are adjustable and will vary from machine to machine. 

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