"Frozen Too" starring Your Espresso Machine

Each day we move closer to the Holidays and deeper into winter. Your local espresso service provider wants to remind you not to forget about your espresso machine as temperatures plummet. During closing hours, whether you choose to leave your machine on or shut it off, your espresso machine contains and is supplied by water and it must be kept in an environment above freezing.  When temperatures Image of a Snow Flakedrop, plumbing pipes in buildings that are not properly heated can easily freeze. That means the water that your machine might call for during the night will no longer be available resulting in possible damage to a pump, heating element or other component (s).  Even if you plan to shut your machine off before locking up you can hardly serve beverages in the morning with frozen pipes.  Save money and keep your loyal customers happy and satisfied by keeping your espresso machine’s environment above freezing temperatures. This “Tip of the Week” was brought to you by your local espresso service provider. Do you have additional questions, visit our National Espresso Service Directory to locate a technician near you.

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