Communication: Reducing Commercial Espresso Repair Costs

If you are in the business of espresso beverages you probably already know espresso repair can be costly. One of the main reasons for the high price tag are travel fees. Unfortunately, more often than not, you just can’t easily pick up your espresso equipment and drag it down to the local repair shop. Although you may not be able to avoid your service technician’s vehicle expenses, there are a few things you and your staff can do to reduce the work and traveling a service technician does on your behalf. To help minimize expenses, you can start by having a working understanding of your service provider’s repair warranty and communicate clearly your machine’s problems when ordering service.

1: Simplifying your Repair Request May Cost You.

Most espresso repair warranties will apply and be based on your original service request. Avoid calling in for a preventative maintenance thinking this will cover all aspects of your equipment’s maintenance and repair needs. If called out for a  preventative maintenance, your service technician will be prepared to replace parts on your equipment that are wear n’ tear items such as o’rings or group gaskets and parts that have a consistent and determined lifetimes such as vacuum valves. In other words, your technician will not be planning on replacing your espresso machine’s inlet valve or pump; and therefore, they may not be carrying these items on their service vehicle.  If your original service request is for a preventative maintenance only, any additional equipment errors outside of a standard preventative maintenance service will most likely not be covered under your travel warranty. You may end up being responsible for additional travel fees if your technician needs to return to complete unexpected repair services. Clearly communicating details about your equipment’s behavior and troubles helps repair technicians know what parts and materials they may need on their service vehicles.

2: Communication Helps Increase Chances of Equipment Being Repaired the First Time.

Affordable and great espresso service work is based on good diagnostic skills and the information you provide your service technician will be the insight he or she needs to let them know what parts they might need and the ones they will most definitely need. Managing parts on service vehicles is challenging. Often times, service techs will elect not to carry more fragile parts, such as boards, heating elements and pumps unless they know they will need them for a repair. The last thing your espresso technician wants to do is arrive at your place of business to discover your machine needs a part they have back at their warehouse or shop. If your service technician asks you to troubleshoot with him or her over the phone, try to willingly and enthusiastically participate in this typically free exchange. The symptoms you describe will be part of your original service request and therefore fall under your service company’s repair warranty. This is important if for some reason they forget a part or fail to repair the symptoms you described.  If for some reason you elect to leave out certain information about your espresso equipment’s problems, you may end up paying for additional fees if your technician, once in front of your equipment, discovers there is more to your machine’s issues than previously informed and subsequently needs to return at another time with additional parts, materials or tools. Once your repair is completed, make sure you have a working understanding of your service provider’s repair warranty if something should go wrong later.

3. A Repair Warranty Leaves Little Room for Miscommunication

Ask your espresso service provider for a copy of their repair warranty and ask questions if you don’t understand something. Just to clarify, I am not referring to the warranty that came with your newly purchased espresso equipment. Most service companies operate independently from your equipment’s manufacturer so each will have their own unique way of operating including what they consider to be billable services, as well as if those services are warrantable. For your convenience, Espresso Service Network has set in place a national 30 Day Commercial Espresso Repair Warranty which covers a technician’s labor, travel and the parts and materials they use to repair your equipment. The warranty addresses many of the unusual circumstances surrounding commercial espresso repair such as if your equipment is unique to your locale. The commercial espresso service industry is distinctive in how it functions and the ESN repair warranty is designed only to assist U.S. commercial espresso service companies in developing their own policies for the specific area in which they operate. Working with a service company that has a written warranty is extremely important because it helps protect your rights as a consumer as well as your service company’s reputation. It is just a smart way of doing business and helps keep valued relationships strong.

As simple as a cup of coffee may seem to some, the espresso industry and the equipment it uses can create challenges when it comes to repair service. Understanding your service company’s repair warranty and developing a strong working relationship with your service provider are imperative to a successful espresso business. Communicating with your service company your desire to control repair expenses is a great place to start and they may have suggestions that can help. If you have questions regarding this article or the ESN 30 Day Repair Warranty, please contact us at

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