Does Your Espresso Tech have Electronics Savvy?

Image of Electronics Board

There is nothing more horrifying to an espresso business than when electronics on espresso equipment fails. Most espresso service companies don't stock electronic boards for many reasons, and it is rare that this type of equipment failure ever occurs. When electronics do fail, down time, over night shipping charges, and the insane cost of boards places this type of espresso repair in the nightmare category for any espresso business.

As you search for a Service Company to purchase your commercial espresso equipment from, remember to ask about their technical skills and services regarding electronics. Don’t make this a deal breaker, but definitely consider it a bonus if they employee repair technicians with advanced electronic troubleshooting skills. These are the service companies that have the resources for potentialy saving you and your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars by getting you back up and running quicker if something unexpected should happen. 

Our “Tip of the Week” was inspired by Brian Millar of Espresso Outfitters in Vancouver, Washington, a builder of custom mobile espresso carts.  You can visit their Directory Page here then follow the link to their website to see  their work and what they have to offer your business.


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