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​Commercial espresso machines that cost less are well suited for businesses who place an emphasis on something other than coffee. A bakery or restaurant can do well with a cheaper priced machine. An economical espresso machine can also do well for established businesses which are not expecting any type of accelerated growth. 


Economy is Reflected in Different Ways
A machine can be economical for different reasons. Typically, a less expensive machine will use fewer metals which will mean a smaller heat exchanger and less group mass for retaining heat. Also, components that would serve better for temperature stability or recovery will be missing or of lower quality. The external elements such as the frame will be less sturdy, and siding will be less durable which means you will spend additional money down the line to maintain the espresso machine’s appearance. There can also be limited barista features. You should know and understand where the manufacturer reduced costs to design and build the machine. This can be discovered by speaking with a knowledgeable technician and by comparing features and other attributes with the manufacturer’s next model in the same category.


Element Size Matters
When shopping on your own, important attributes to compare are the element, and boiler size. When an engineer restricts certain components and materials from an espresso machine’s design, it can limit its ability to heat and maintain its temperature. The element size indicates how fast an espresso machine will heat up. If customers come one after another, an economical espresso machine can become challenged and tend to run out of steam, literally. We are a society that loves dairy/non-dairy based drinks. Every time the steam wand is used it depletes the temperature in the boiler. You can find economical machines with sizable elements. In a two-group espresso machine look for a 3500-to-6000-watt element. For a three-group machine, a 4500 watt or greater are good sizes for an element. Boiler size is also important. 


Steam Boiler Size Matters
Economical machines are single boiler machines. The jobs of this one boiler is to produce steam and the other is to heat the heat exchangers for brewing. The larger your boiler typically indicates a larger heat exchanger which will make the machine more efficient when heating the brewing groups. On the other hand, too large of a boiler can also make an espresso machine inefficient and slower to heat. Most Rancilio Classe series 2-group espresso machines have an 11 liter boiler with a 6000 watt element which is probably one of the most significant pairing of boiler and element sizes in the industry. As you shop, make note of the heating element size. If the boiler is larger and the heating element smaller, the machine may have a recovery issue. 

Economical Espresso Machines Offer Baristas Little Control
Within any manufacturer's line of equipment, the more money you spend on a machine the more control the machine will offer you. That can be control over your brewing temperature, the flavor of your coffee, as well as its consistency. Consumers enjoy coffee and like any food product, whether that is a Big Mac from McDonalds or a latte from Starbucks, your customers expect the taste of their coffee to be consistent. Depending on how the unit is operated, the economical machine will most likely experience larger temperature swings. The larger the temperature swing the more it can dramatically change the taste of your coffee which could result in loss of customers.  For businesses, that serve a community in which coffee is not an important ingredient in their cup over the other flavors added, such as milk and syrups, may find the economical machine a good choice. 

Economical Machines to Consider
We offer two economical espresso machines. They are the Appia Life by Nuova Simonelli and the Classe 5 by Rancilio. For personal assistance in comparing these and other espresso machines there are several ways to contact us and we would be happy to hear from you. We hope you found this information on economical espresso machines helpful. If you have ideas or suggestions to help improve this article, please forward your comments to They will be appreciated and warmly received. 



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